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Simes Himself - Photographer

David contacted Nemo (model) and myself recently about attending one of our location events, and naturally we were extremely pleased that he wanted to join us! We'd also heard very good things about him from a mutual friend, so were very keen to see what he could do at our urbex location.

Upon arrival David was extremely down-to-earth, chatty...and was really just SO likeable! Then he got down to work...and OMG!!!!!

It's very rare that I'm rendered speechless, but David genuinely has a gift. I've honestly never seen any BOC shots quite like his, as they were genuinely unbelievable..and having Nemo jumping around and buzzing with excitement only backed-up my thoughts about his work!

We'll keep his little tricks and tips a secret, but he has a knack of taking the slightest little object or idea and breaking down the walls of convention to produce something truly breathtakingly good.

We were SO lucky and privileged to have David attend our event! Nemo and myself were talking about his images all the way home, and we can honestly say anyone he works with is REALLY in for a treat!

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, with an EXTREMELY talented guy! We look forward to seeing more of his work, and REALLY hope he'll join us again to produce some more he is an absolute pleasure to be around!


L.R.M - Photographer

David recently contacted me about shooting with Coco at my studio and with me showing him some of my techniques. It's fantastic when a photographer wishes to improve his own techniques by working with others, heck I still do it!

So I was only too happy to help. David has an eye for detail already, and thinks outside the box so yesterday when I showed him my window shot techniques and some 1 light studio setups he easily grasped them.

We then did some LR and PS tuition and it was a pleasure to have him here and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Nemo - Model

There aren’t enough words to describe Dave and what he’s like behind a camera and there equally aren’t enough adjectives to describe what he’s like in person.

Every image he takes is just shot, after shot, after shot.

Dave is a focussed, creative and (now not so hidden!) talent who pours that extra 1% of magic into every image he takes!

Coco - Model

I was lucky enough to have my third shoot with the lovely David,who is a talented photographer with a thirst for knowledge! His model etiquette is second to none, he's fantastic company and an all round pleasure to work with.

Can't recommend David enough and it certainly wont be our last shoot!

Thank you! x

Tyler W - Model

Recently had a shoot with David and wow!... this guy has some seriously original and diverse idea's when it comes to photography!

After modeling for 7 years David managed to open my eyes to other aspects of shooting that I never even thought of before!

Being on time, having great communication, mixed with brilliant photography is everything you look for, being a model.

100% recommend this man! Look forward to our next shoot!

Arabella - Model

So I believe this is David and I's 3rd shoot... it's been a while since we last shot and absolutely nailed it but I think working with David again has proved that he has only gotten even better!

The shoot itself flew by! We started with a catch up about travels and sorts, which was like catching up with an old friend! Then we headed out on location which worked, soooo well! David just saw so many shooting opportunities and along with the props we created absolutely beautiful images!

Back at the shoot space David used the location perfectly! He'd never been in the space but again we took some amazing images!

In short I would always recommend David, the fact I have worked with him 3 times before and will continue to work with him in the future, I hope, says more than anything else!

He's a genuinely lovely person, safe to be around and a naturally talented and very creative photographer who see's and captures beautiful photography!

Thanks again David!

Arabella X

Jenny James - Model

David is the epitome of a great photographer! He's everything you would hope for when arriving to a shoot. Super friendly, really well prepared, open to ideas, you already have an idea of what you will shoot because he's sent you a mood board which is a big help, so all in all my experience with him has been brilliant.

Take a look at his work, it speaks for itself. I really look forward to seeing the pictures and I hope to shoot with him again in the near future!

Jess Harrington - Model

I had my first shoot with this lovely guy yesterday. Pre shoot comms were perfect and the 3 hours flew by!

His direction was excellent and I am really looking forward to seeing some images as I know they are going to be great!

I really hope to be shooting with him again real soon.

Recommended? You bet!!

Thank you Jess x

Elsie May - Model

Just got home from a shoot on location with Dave.

He is such an incredible guy! He instantly made me feel comfortable and I did not stop laughing through out the entire shoot!

David is super creative and experimental with his photography, which I loved watching - he made sure he showed me what techniques he was using and what a difference they made to the photos.

I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday afternoon - I can't wait to see the photos!

Rose Xanthe - Model

I had a wonderful shoot in the sun with David today. It was a lovely afternoon frolicking around my garden creating the prettiest images. I literally cannot wait to see them! There are so many that stuck out!!

David is a lovely chap and he's welcome to come back whenever he wants!

Can't wait to work with him again.

Highly recommended!

Rachelle Summers - Model

David is such a great person to work with! This was my first time working with him and it was a real pleasure meeting him.

He had some really cool, quirky ideas and creative ways of shooting too that kept the whole shoot fun and fresh throughout.

Would more than happily recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future!

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