My Story - David Veitch Photography

Hi I'm Dave, a Film & TV Graduate looking to create new and exciting stories through photography!

During the final year of my Film & TV course at Uni, I had a revelation. I've always had an interest in the detail behind camera work but I gradually became more interested in the idea of photography in general. The concept of capturing a key moment, not in a series of moving images, but in that one split second that tells a story.

Having completed a photography course during the final year of my study, I enjoy developing new ideas and working towards having a recognisable style of photography. Since starting out I've always enjoyed helping people achieve, whether it be a Headshot for their next big audition or promotional photography for companies and social media.

The thought constantly in my mind is allowing people to feel comfortable and trust in what I'm producing for them. Having had some valuable experience on the other side of the camera, I understand any fears which may occur. Due to this I avoid rushing the shoot, instead aiming to use the time to make sure photos are executed in the best way possible.

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