My Story - David Veitch Photography

Hi I'm Dave, a Film & TV Graduate always creating new and exciting stories through photography (and video)!

During my final year at Uni I had a revelation. I've always had an interest in the detail behind camera work and I gradually became more interested in the wonderful world of photography. The concept of capturing a key moment, not just in a series of moving images but in that one split second that tells a story.

Over the last seven years photography has introduced me to many unique talented individuals! I avoid rushing through shoots and ensure my photos are executed in the best and most natural way possible!

Some call it unusual whilst others have called it extraordinary as I do like to break the rules and be quirky with my images that I execute in the shoot itself. So you'll have behind the scenes knowledge to my trickery! Join me on a shoot and you'll see what I mean; but sshh don't let our secret out!  

I'm very proud of each of my references and will continue to bring 100% effort to every shoot I do, whilst keeping it all good fun!

A little bit about me, I continue to try and learn the guitar, play tennis when the sun shines, writing my Daventure articles and being around family and friends, along with our three cats!

I'm based in West Sussex and happy to work in other parts of England. I hope you feel inspired for us to work together and feel free to contact me anytime. Lets create exciting new images! 

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