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Hi!  I'm  David

As a Film and TV Graduate based in West Sussex, I've combined my passion for storytelling and visual arts to capture authentic emotional moments. With years of experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to turn your vision into a vibrant visual story. Whether it's that high-end commercial, that one special day or a first-time portfolio-building session, I am ready to use my skills and creativity to create your masterpiece.

Of course, there are moments when my camera isn't in my hands. Those times are spent strumming away on the guitar, snowboarding down slopes or catching the latest blockbuster and series!


I truly cherish my role in capturing those meaningful candid moments using natural light and telling these stories. As such, I approach every project with the same passion and enthusiasm. I've recently invested in a drone and will be practising as much as possible to use this for shoots!


Let's collaborate to bring your project to life!


Whether you're after new headshots, promoting your brand, or even wanting some fun in front of the camera. Your photoshoots are taken at your chosen location(s). I would advise you to bring multiple outfits for variety, which we can discuss beforehand.


Prices start from £120 for a 3-hour photoshoot with 15 professional edits for your portfolio. This is subject to change depending on the distance travelled and the quantity of edits requested. Again something we will discuss. 


Above all my shoots stay professional whilst ensuring you have fun!


Whether you're looking for someone to document your special day or recreate the memories of a special event.

Prices start from £900 for a full day wedding. Optional extras include an engagement photoshoot, extra edits if needed and up to 5 professional prints.

Feel free to contact me directly by phone or email, and we can discuss further details, including specific shot types, days and times and a final quote.


Living in the now, businesses and brands are requesting more video content from their clients. Social Media is converting to become more video-centric. You're unsure of how and where to start, but you don't want to rush out basic content from your phone to throw on TikTok.

   Before I even got my first camera I was fascinated by cinema. I studied Film before going to Photography, and still make films to this day. I love sharing a vision with my clients and watching it grow as we create! January is a difficult month for all of us, yet we all have the same motive at the start of the year. Making resolutions we want to keep!


I've been filming video content for my brand using my phone, but now I want to push it to the next level!

I've always wanted to create a music video but I don't know where to start!

I'm sitting here with a complete film script but I don't have the time or the finances to get a team together!


My goal in life has always been creating content that helps my client towards their goal. Today, that client could be YOU

To give you an idea, my starting price for video work is £500. This covers a day of filming and a day of editing.

I have all the necessary equipment to get your project standing out from the crowd! 


Please explain clearly in the form below what you are after and I will get in contact to reassess a quote for you.

Please note that depending on the complexity of the project, I will either work individually or with my production team Pink Pebble Productions. Rates will differ with our team, which we can discuss after I receive your completed form.

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